About Bigoltrucks.com

Our mission at Bigoltrucks.com is to connect people with their next truck by providing a searchable index of new and used inventory for sale throughout the United States. We provide truck dealerships with opportunities to generate more exposure for their inventory via our search engine, and social media. We offer prospective buyers a simple and effective method of searching for their next truck without all the hassle and clutter typically found on traditional classified ad sites.

So... what is it?

Put simply, Bigoltrucks.com is a search engine that lets you find new and used commercial trucks for sale in the United States.

How does it work?

Like most search engines, Bigoltrucks.com uses software known as "web crawlers" (aka web spider, bot) to discover publicly available webpages on the internet. Unlike most search engines, Bigoltrucks.com focuses almost exclusively on truck dealership websites. When our web crawlers recognize what appears to be a truck listing the information about that listing is saved for further review and indexing.

The information gathered by our web crawlers is then reviewed, indexed, and made searchable on our website. We also index inventory data feeds provided by truck dealerships. This option gives dealerships direct control over which inventory units are indexed by Bigoltrucks.com, and which ones are not.

How much does it cost?

Bigoltrucks.com is free. There is no cost to use our site and no cost to submit your inventory.

How can I get my truck inventory indexed?

We offer two methods to submit your inventory to Bigoltrucks.com for indexing. The first method is to sign up for a user account and manage your inventory manually through our inventory management platform. The second method is to submit a data feed that will be indexed and maintained automatically by our system. Both options are free.